When we’re in pain and suffering we may ask “Why does God allow so much pain and suffering“?
We live in a world with free will. We live in a world with choice, many many choices. No other creature on the planet has this free will. We were also given magnificent minds and brains, and the reason unlike other creatures on earth.
We were given our free will by God, so we may learn through our choices and decisions.
God is good.  God is not punishing and does not take retribution. It’s not necessary for God to do this in order for us to learn our lessons. We, humans, are plenty hard on ourselves, punishing ourselves more than enough, in attempts to try and learn our lessons.
God created the most magnificent exquisite and beautiful world!  This world God created for us to enjoy to prosper to love and to sustain.
However, it appears humans do not always learn their lessons quickly or easily. What is it about humans that causes them to repeat their mistakes generation after generation, though is obvious it does not create permanent positive change?
Most humans are operating through the use of their Conscious mind alone. The Conscious Mind is the smaller percentage of the brain approximately 20%. The larger part of the brain approximately 80% is the Subconscious mind.
We have a subconscious mind to store memories and feelings. It not only stores are memories and feelings from this lifetime but previous lifetimes, and ancestral memories and feelings.

Why does God allow so much pain and suffering … subconscious

Purpose of the subconscious is to protect us and guide us. The limitation of the subconscious mind is it’s irrational, and a little scrambled.
Therefore, we need our conscious mind, our rational mind, to apply the learning and lessons in the storehouse of memories and feelings.  Using just our conscious rational mind does not give us the full or bigger picture.
There is a great deal to learn from what is held in our subconscious mind.  There is also a lot to heal.
In our subconscious mind are also held, ancestral pain and suffering, fears, doubts resentments, fits of anger, etc. These feelings and beliefs are held in our DNA energetically.
The ancestral feelings and beliefs are of a different place and time when things were much different. For us to simply respond from our subconscious ancestral feelings, beliefs and memories will have us repeating similar mistakes “they” made. Which is what’s happening throughout history, man repeating his mistakes throughout generations over and over again.
For this reason, God gave us the irrational subconscious mind and the rational conscious mind to work together along with, a magnificent brain and free will.  This gives us everything we need to co-create with our Creator a brand new positive, healthy, loving reality.

Why does God allow so much pain and suffering? Here’s why!

In ThetaHealing sessions we look at the pain and suffering or blockages we are experiencing without blaming God.
Through using Theta brainwave, a slow high frequency, we quickly access where this pain and suffering, or blockages are at their root cause, and pull out the root. We replace it with God’s infinite loving healing empowering truth.
The client is able to either feel, see or know the shift that is occurring in their consciousness.
In each session hundreds and hundreds of new feelings, and new understandings and awarenesses are experienced. The client does not leave the same person the same person as when they arrived.
Experience the power of ThetaHealing.  Call to schedule an appointment TODAY!  Heal Beyond Belief.

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