Ancestors Clearing and what you want to know!

So much talk about ancestors clearing now. Everybody wants to know

Where they came from and who they are and what they’re made of, understandably so. Knowledge is power! Knowing and understanding ourselves gives you greater acceptance, appreciation, compassion, not just for yourself but, your ancestors too.

Out of sight out of mind is how most people think and feel. However, to your ancestors, who still exist in a different form of energy, and in a different dimension of reality, you are very important to them. They haven’t stopped caring or loving you. Even now many of them are watching over you, trying to help you on your path.

Its scientific fact energy cannot be destroyed. It simply changes form. This is what happens when you leave your physical body the energy of your soul remains. The energy of your ancestors remains and is still connected with you energetically while you are still in your physical body.

Your ancestors have passed on through your DNA, energetic imprints which have determined hair color, skin color, eye color and so many many other physical attributes you’re already aware of. However, there are many other paths did you are not aware of. In fact,  they have also passed on their fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs, also energetically held in our DNA.

Your ancestors had very difficult lives, they endured great hardships.  They existed in a time without all the comforts we so enjoy and take for granted now. They did not have awareness of the spiritual tools for awakening and evolving which we have this day and age.

The impact this has on you is huge.! You are living in a reality of modern times with modern conveniences, and modern freedoms they did not have at that time. You are existing in all this potential we now have with old limiting, fearful, struggling and suffering feelings and beliefs. This creates a huge gap between our reality and how we are perceiving it.

This gap creates duality wanting to do something but not being able to, and not understanding why. It creates discouragement self-doubt a sense of disappointment and failure.

Thru ThetaHealing Sessions you are able to instantly identify this type of situation, what your Ancestor was feeling way back when, and you’ll be able to watch how through lifetimes, and up to present it has impacted your life in a less than desirable way.

Then you will have the opportunity, working with Creator and I to shift, clear and instantly permanently heal, both your ancestors, and yourself and generations to come by choosing new feelings and new mir posture empowering beliefs.

These new feelings and beliefs will show up in your life as potential you never recognized before, For greater health, abundance, and happiness. You will feel the difference In every session. I look forward to the opportunity to assist you in awakening new positive avenues of being.

Kara Lange


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