What is Wellness? Is wellness something we achieve or something we all have? Maybe it is something we had and lost. How do we find it and what does it feel like?

There are many things that contribute to our wellness but even more that contribute to our lack of wellness.

Having practiced ThetaHealing for more than 18 years, I have worked with people who expressed their births and before birth experiences. It is my conclusion that we do not necessarily come into this world with wellness.

So what would make an unborn child not feel wellness entering into our world?

If you see a newborn baby as a soul or spirit who has incarnated to earth several times before, they accumulate experience and memories. Some of these become preconceived ideas or beliefs.

Furthermore, this soul or spirit re-enters this world with previous decisions, vows, promises, commitments, and agreements based on past experiences. All this is stored in our subconscious mind.  It can leave us predisposed to become close-minded defensive, bitter, along with a number of other limiting inherited feelings and beliefs.

We undoubtedly have ancestors who existed in times of great hardship and their feelings experiences, beliefs accumulated with their past life commitments and agreements became imprinted in their DNA. Those limitations became passed on through generation after generation until ultimately to us.

This prevents us from coming in fully present open and receptive in the here and now to more positive beautiful loving outcomes.

This means there is much work to be done at the source, inside and much-needed healing in order to achieve wellness.

I see wellness as a state of mind. We always have it within our grasp and hold the wellness potential within us. It is ours as we exist in it and with it. We are beings of free will and given our potential for wellness we have the ability and right to choose, hence our choice to be well or not.

I do not believe anyone consciously chooses a lack of wellness, however on a higher self, spiritual level, we choose.

Our subconscious mind is scrambled holding irrational beliefs and feelings. It lacks perspective and understanding, so we have to sort through with our rational mind to determine, recognize, heal and apply the Creator’s truth.

Deeply tucked away in our subconscious, are our ancestor’s experiences along with our own past experiences, memories, feelings, fears, and disappointments. These memories affect and help to determine the choices we make on a subconscious and conscious level. So as you can see this can become complicated and challenging to sort out.

Our higher selves are on a different level of understanding, a different perspective, trying to help us be more aware and grow spiritually. So while decisions, choices, and beliefs appear to our higher self as a logical way to help us reach our goal of spiritual awareness, on a conscious level, here on earth it can leave us in turmoil.

I believe wellness is our birthright. We all have it given to us from our Creator, to choose, possess and enjoy. We need to be aware of it, recognize it, understand it, apply and implement it by actively pursuing wellness in our daily lives.

We are richly blessed to be enlightened by ThetaHealing.  ThetaHealing helps us to expose the truth within ourselves to reveal mountains of erroneous beliefs, doubts, and fears that ThetaHealing can shift, heal and change forever in a mere moment of time.

Kara Lange


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