In this short article, I will attemp to explain karma so you can have more understanding karma the right way. It’s all sum up in one word. It’s all hype!

There’s no spiritual payback. Karma is an illusion or a lack of understanding.

There is something called the Law of Attraction. Let me explain. It might surprise you.

Let’s say that there’s a man or woman you jilted. Let’s say that you weren’t the most sensitive person in town the way you handled it, not because you’re a bad person or because you’re insensitive. Let’s say that you’re very sensitive, and you didn’t want to hurt their feelings. Not really a good way to avoid hurting someone’s feelings right? However, you didn’t communicate it directly you left them high and dry, avoiding them, and any contact with them, leaving them to wonder what they did wrong and wondering what’s wrong with them?

Now, you may not be aware of this, but being the sensitive person you are you probably inwardly and unknowingly felt pretty bad about how you handled it. Let’s say you may even have felt guilty, regretful, remorseful and possibly ashamed.

Understanding karma the right way can help you with the way you manifest your reality than you might realize.

Those feelings and emotions linger in you. They make you feel less than great about yourself. They actually affect your feelings of worthiness and deserving. You may even be holding feelings and beliefs without being aware of it like, “I’m not a good person, I’m unworthy of someone treating me kind and respectfully” etc.

So, unintentionally, and without knowing it, You attract what you believe Law of Attraction. Without knowing why or understanding it, you find someone treating you the same way.

Now, calling it karma is like finding an illness and giving it a name. It’s really not empowering. It’s like having or receiving a sentence. Contrary To popular religious beliefs, God doesn’t punish. There’s no need for God to punish us, and God loves us way too much to do that. We punish ourselves way too hard!

However, if you look at it as something you unconsciously unintentionally created, which didn’t work for that party or yourself, you have an opportunity to learn something. Information is power. You have the opportunity to look at what she did wrong if you will and make it right. It also gives you the opportunity to heal it within yourself, and prevent it from ever happening again.

This is where working with ThetaHealing Practioner can be powerfully instrumental in shifting, healing and re-creating your Emotions feelings and beliefs to ones that empower you. It is then you are able to create powerful positive results. Forget Karma! Look at what you’re creating and what you’d like to create. Be at the cause not at the effect. With great love and respect,

Kara Lange
Certified ThetaHealing practitioner instructor and the author for over 18 years. More general topics can be found here.

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