How does Theta Healing help?

Theta Healing Help can help in more ways than one.  So many people believe God doesn’t care about them. They believe if God cared, they would not be suffering so much. They say, “God is so powerful and capable of changing anything. Why won’t God help me with this?”

“If God cared, God would help me.”

I always respond saying, “There are no unanswered prayers.” “God answers EVERY prayer! Do you hear the answer? How often do you “LISTEN” to God? Do you doubt God’s answering? Doubt is like a wall put up between you and God. Do you fear what God might say? Do you fear deep within you may not be worthy of what you are asking for? These are some of the reasons we don’t hear or see an answer to our prayers.

God NEVER withholds love, compassion, support, nurturing, or anything your heart desires. God sees everything that happens with the potential for love, healing, new understanding, and spiritual growth.

During Theta Healing you have the opportunity to commune with, and hear and feel God work within you.

During a Theta Healing session God communicates energetically directly to you and through you. The Theta Healing practitioner assists you by energetically making that clear connection to God, with your permission to assist you in having that pure connection yourself. The Theta Healing practitioner is acting as “witness” to the positive healing changes that occur as a result of your connection with God.

A popular method of testing that positive changes have occurred during the Theta Healing is called “muscle testing.” It can be done simply with using your thumb and finger. You will see it demonstrated in my video. How this works is by the client making repeating a negative limiting belief they felt during their session. After the session is finished, the negative limiting belief is tested again. Where it tested as “strong” at the beginning of the session, at the end of the session it should test “weak.” This demonstrates the negative limiting belief has been changed by God and replaced with God’s loving empowering truth in the client. The shift in the client is usually clearly felt inside them, in their mind and body.

The changes made during the session should create positive changes in their life with multiple ripple effects.
Depending on the issue, and it’s complexity, the client most often sees immediate positive results.

Theta Healing provides the client with a multitude of benefits that the client would likely not be exposed to in their normal daily life, an opportunity to commune with God and feel and experience the results immediately!

Heal Beyond Belief

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