Secrets Of Self-Healing

Secrets of self-healing start with you have to want to heal. Now, that may seem like a ridiculous statement to you because, you may say, who doesn’t want to heal! However, you can want to heal at a conscious level but, unconsciously or subconscious have reasons why you really DON’T want to.


Let’s say that your illness has caused you to stay home from work. And let’s say you need the income very much. Let’s say that you have your family counting on you also for that income. So obviously you really want to work and be responsible and accountable to your family.

Let’s say on an inner level you dread going to work. You don’t feel valued, appreciated or even respected at your job. They overwork you and underpay you and expect the world.

Perhaps you feel the only way that you can have time for yourself and time to rest and get a break from that and feel OK about it, is when you’re sick. It is at that time you feel worthy of staying home and getting love and attention and being taken care of. So you see you have your conscious desire to be responsible and go to work and you’re unconscious desire to take care of yourself and have comfort and peace and relaxation and to be taken care of.

One of the other secrets of self-healing is to consider is how miraculous the human body is there are no words for how truly amazing and fascinating your body has been created. Your body has been designed to automatically self-heal… if….there’s nothing preventing it… So what would prevent you from healing? Well, what I just talked about earlier, and a few other things which I’ll explain.

Some of the reasons which you are not aware of that prevent you from Healing our fears or limiting beliefs That aren’t even yours. That’s right they are in your DNA passed down just like your hair color and eye color.

Let’s say you had an ancestor way back who was a slave. Going to work and long painful hours without enough food or water and being beaten. You may have unconscious fears and beliefs about going to work. The Unconscious is not rational at all. But it tries to protect you and help you know that you have a fear about going to work, It can create you not feeling well enough to go to work. It’s trying to be helpful. It is a part of you. It’s the part of you that holds memories tears and genetic ancestral beliefs.

In our session, we immediately find out what the root cause Of the issue is. We use data brainwave to access an energetic level of consciousness where Our creator well with your permission, replace your fears your doubts and negative feelings with creators truth and love and empowerment and healing. We use the form of kinesiology to demonstrate to you that this change is occurring right then and there. You will also experience and feel the positive shift, and see the impact in your life usually almost immediately.

Call for your first session and experience the quality of your life improve In just one session. Heal Beyond Belief

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