Is jealousy destroying your relationship? If yes this article is the one you want to read.

Jealousy is one of the most crippling debilitating emotions a person can experience. It can be consuming. It destroys your ability to experience, see or know the truth.

It’s a fear that is relentless and constant.

It can be triggered by something which actually was threatening or something that was completely unthreatening and unwarranted.

Jealousy comes from within and a feeling of lack. It is caused by so many different inner issues, lack of trust, not feeling safe, feeling worthy, not good enough, undeserving, untrusting as well as other inner possible inner issues.

Jealousy is something which can be passed on energetically through a gene in your DNA from your ancestors. It can go back many many many generations. The trauma, horror, shame, humiliation, and terror they may have felt in that situation made an imprint in their DNA which has been passed on to you, unknowingly. You feel it uncontrollably as if it were your own, regardless of whether the situation warrants it.

This feeling of jealousy can be crippling and exhausting, as it leaves you unable to rest or safe, or at peace with yourself.

More often than not it, it has nothing to do with the actual situation which triggered it. It’s an actual inner feeling of loss which creates and attracts similar experiences as the ancestor had in an attempt for your Soul to heal that experience.

Until that experience is seen, acknowledged and healed it will keep replaying itself through a variety of situations, people and circumstances. This can happen through many lifetimes and in future generations, just the same as it was passed to you.

Those feelings for example, of unworthiness, may not even be your own feelings. You may, in fact, be someone who is successful, loving, kind, generous, giving and accomplished, and still feel unworthiness. It may have been something which happened to you as a little child, or in another lifetime or something passed from your ancestor.

A feeling or belief of unworthiness is self-perpetuating. Your subconscious will not allow you or feel comfortable with more than you feel that you’re worthy of. Your subconscious attempts to help you since it is irrational (unlike our logical conscious mind), it will create situations attempting to protect you from being hurt.

It will make you feel untrusting, overprotective and defensive. The problem with these feelings are, they do not allow for connection and love, or giving and receiving love fully. They simply armor the fear. Wearing armor is not the most effective way to have an intimate loving nurturing relationship.

The good news is, this is not a life sentence. We now have information and tools, such as ThetaHealing available to us, which can help us to heal ancestral wounds having been passed on generation after generation, lifetime after lifetime. We can now prevent these wounds, the traumas, fears and negative limiting beliefs they created, from going forward to future generations.

In working with Creator In each session, we identify the source where the original root of the trauma was created. When that original trauma is identified and healed with the help of Creator, old negative fearful limiting beliefs are released and transformed immediately into beliefs which support understanding, forgiveness, healing, love, health, harmony and peace and empowerment.

Rather than living your life through the past, you are instantly able to transform your fears and trauma enabling you to live your life in the present and experience truth and freedom.

Kara Lange

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