Have you ever wanted to know and how to understand what soulmates are?

1- How do you understand and recognize a Soulmate? Soulmates come in many shapes and sizes. To understand what Soulmates are, take a look at your life and the important people who have appeared in your life. They may have shown up in your childhood, your teen years, or your adult life. They don’t always stick around. The reason for this is, just as you are continuously evolving they are too. As you change they change too. This doesn’t mean the changes you experience to bring you necessarily closer together. Your changes may take you in different directions from each other…


2- Soulmates are very strong connections. They seem very natural and effortless, sometimes more in the beginning. When you are meeting a soulmate it is most likely it is not your first time meeting. This is why you will feel very comfortable, safe and familiar with them from the get go. Your souls recognize each other on an inner level. There is an unconscious or subconscious recognition. It is also very likely that you had previously, before entering the physical plane, both agreed to meet at this time and assist each other in your soul’s growth and learning process.


3- Soulmates may come in so many different types of relationships. Your children are likely Soulmates. Your Soulmates can be anyone that is a very kindred spirit to you. It could be your neighbor down the street, your dentist, your child’s teacher and of course your best friend.


4- Many people are under the impression that when you are with your Soulmate it’s smooth and easy-going, however, this is not often the case. After all, you have both agreed to help each other in your spiritual growth and evolution, which is not necessarily always a welcomed or even fun experience.


I am going to give you A personal experience which will explain what I am talking about:


When I met my first husband we were both drawn to each other for reasons we did not even understand. On an outer superficial level, it looked like physical attraction. Although, I clearly recall when I met him, thinking how physically undesirable and unattractive he was to me. However, some unknown not yet understood attraction to him called me in his direction. Immediately we were inseparable, and within a very short time married. I can honestly say those were the unhappiest, most miserable and difficult times of my life during our marriage.


However, shortly after we were a serious couple, he began to make several positive changes in his life. He went from being a chain smoker and a junk food addict, to focusing on healthy eating and becoming a vegetarian. He also started doing yoga and meditation.


This was not the man I fell in love with and signed up for! I was “fairly” happy and satisfied with the chain smoker and junk food addict. As he began to unfold and develop his new positive habits, I left him to go home to my parents three times within a year. However, something would not allow me to let him go, and I always went back.


Little by little, I was trying some of these new ideas he was implementing. I found I actually enjoyed the. healthier eating style. I found I loved doing yoga enough to prepare to be a teacher of it. I discovered meditation to be the most miraculous tool I was ever introduced to little knowing, it would be something to become an intricate part of my entire life.


Now mind you, this did not make me like him any better, for reasons other than discussed here. We each had our issues. As time went by, and we both grew and changed in positive ways we realized we were not happy being together, and it was time to move on.


Our relationship had brought us two extraordinarily beautiful children. It had put me on a path toward healing, not only myself but eventually became a source of inspiration and desire to learn to assist others in their healing and empowerment. So you see, you could say we were compatible soulmates for our individual purposes at that point in time. Soulmates will come and go as you are on your path of evolvement and healing.


Best to appreciate them simply for what they are, and what they provide e.g. the lessons and opportunities for personal growth.


If you are looking to have greater awareness and understanding of your soulmates in your life, who they are and the lessons you’re trying to learn, a skilled certified ThetaHealing Practitioner such as myself, can guide and assist you in having this be graceful, loving and swift!


Heal Beyond Belief

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