At times you may feel overwhelmed by things that happen, making you feel helpless.

This feeling of helplessness may persist for days, and all you can do is take that small baby step, one at a time.

You are aware that you should get out of bed or make that small effort every day; however, you seem not to do it.

How to start enjoying life now instantly

Life is a gift. The planet has a lot of enjoyable things to offer you.

When I wake up in the morning and look outside the window, I feel blessed to see lush, deep, green leaves on all the trees, blowing gently in the wind.

It’s quiet and peaceful, and I have privacy. I am comfortable and safe. I count the many blessings I have. I am grateful for everyone who has touched my life and whose lives I have touched. I cannot name them or even remember them since they are too many.

I do not take it for granted that I can get out of bed and walk around. God knows there were times it was impossible, but I thank Him because those times were temporary.

I am grateful to God because He listened to me every morning and when I prayed for the angels to watch over me and protect everyone and me He answered my prayers. He protects me, and everyone I pray for.

How to start enjoying life with our assistance

Call us today to acquire that instant cure from severe depression or the inability to enjoy life. We do not claim to perform miracles, but we can connect you with the divine to help you.

I ask the Creator to help me appreciate the good as well as the blessing every moment, every conversation and every circumstance brings; even the ones which seem challenging, to help me identify the opportunities they are offering me.

In my life, I have been lucky to come across many, wonderful and beautiful people and learn a lot of great things from each of them.

I can only hope and pray that I continue to awaken each day with eyes wide open to greater understanding, greater acceptance, higher appreciation, and respect for all that is, of which I am directly a part of and connected to…my enjoyment.

If for some unfortunate reason you’re not enjoying your life, our Creator can use His house in healing, transforming and re-creating it to a new perspective and more joyful life!

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