How to have high self-esteem even if it’s not something you were born with. You start developing feelings about yourself while you’re in your mother’s stomach. How your mom feels about herself and about you affects you very deeply. Her feelings and beliefs greatly determine your self-esteem.

For example, say she is struggling financially and she has no self-esteem, she doesn’t think much of herself or expect much of herself. Everything she says and does reflects this, and you being connected to her physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually experience this. Being too small to be able to discern where these feelings are coming from, you take them on as if they are your feelings. You may feel I’m a burden and I’m not good enough. For example, if your mother had morning sickness, You may have thought you were the cause, and that you were making her sick, and even to blame. It’s not true, it’s a fact, morning sickness is caused by to much toxicity in the body.

It’s also possible, and even probable your ancestors experienced low self-esteem, given many of your ancestors may have been slaves.

This may have caused them to believe and feel they’re worthless and not worthy of greatness, wealth, happiness or freedom.

These feelings and beliefs are passed down generation after generation through their DNA imprints, causing you to feel low self-esteem.

The wonderful thing about your self-esteem is it’s based upon your past, and has very little to do with the present, except for the fact it’s affecting you in your present life, and your ability to receive and accomplish, and accept all the good that’s there for you in this life.

How do you know if you have low self-esteem? Are you someone who sets little or no goals for yourself? Do you feel you’re incapable of the things you want in life? Do you shrink from being in the spotlight or having attention on you? Do you doubt and second-guess yourself? These are only just a few of the indicators of someone who is suffering with low self-esteem.

Your self-esteem is what determines what choices you make in relationships, partners, careers and so many other choices and decisions.

If you have low self esteem, it’s likely you’ve always been afraid to stand out or attract attention to yourself. Instead of being a leader in areas of our life, you feel more comfortable being part of the crowd, one of the followers. Maybe you’re afraid to express your personal feelings for fear that you may be wrong or be judged.

Just a reminder, these feelings and beliefs, are simply baggage you’ve accrued, which do not reflect who you truly are. They are some things you just came to unknowingly accept. More importantly, they can change, as fast, even faster than you got them.

With the assistance of a skilled ThetaHealer it takes no time to easily and painlessly identify, heal and clear those worn out limiting dis-empowering feelings and beliefs, which literally held you back from feeling happy and good about yourself, good enough to be seen, heard, important to yourself and the World.

You are important! This is why you’re here. Your unique perspective and perception of your life is the gift you were given to express.

In just one session with a skilled ThetaHealing practitioner, you can experience changes you never imagined possible. These are changes in how you see yourself, feel about yourself, about who you are, and what you’re able to accomplish in your life.

Call to schedule your first session NOW!

Kara Lange

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