Here’s an in-depth look at how to get over despair from the loss of your loved one.

If you have never experienced feelings of despair in your life it is truly a blessing.

Despair is lack of hope. Hope is an open window for the light to come through. If there is no open window at all, the light is unable to come through and transform things for you.

When you are going through an incredibly discouraging time in your life there appears to be no help, and the pain and suffering seems it will never end, this is an illusion.

If you are connected to our Creator which you are, and you are still breathing, all it takes is a new perception to bring hope.

Whether it’s physical, emotional or mental pain you’re experiencing, it is your perception or perspective of it, which causes the pain and suffering to be overwhelming.

If you are experiencing emotional pain perhaps you’ve just lost someone you loved dearly,  your heart is aching and longing for something and someone you don’t have the ability to be within the way that you had.

This may bring you feelings of abandonment feeling all alone, unsupported and perhaps even helpless.

This person that you have lost may have been someone who you trusted and confided in. It may be someone who was always available for you to lend an ear and give you support or advice.

This connection with them provided you with a sense of connection, companionship, being cared for, understood, important, and a variety of other essential feelings that bring you happiness.

And now they are gone. And your resources for those essential pieces for happiness appear to have evaporated along with them.

It is natural for the aching heart to grieve the loss, to express the sorrow and in order to heal the experience. However, this mourning. Does not need to be eternal.

There are many souls both here on earth and in spirit, who have never stopped grieving the loss of their loved one.

Excessive grieving over the loss of a loved one is destructive because it is focusing on and holding you to the past.

It is also holding you to the reality that no longer is, and at the same time, preventing you from being present in your new reality.

Whatever you focus on in your life will be what your reality is. If you focus on your loss your reality will be one of loss.

You have been given a strong and healthy mind and free will from Creator.  This free will is something humans have been blessed with to be able to choose their reality.

How does one choose their reality? By choosing their focus. Re-focusing their attention to something new positive full of potential.

That might feel difficult and painful to even think of doing, however, it is certainly much less painful than grieving, mourning and focusing on something which is gone, and no longer bringing you the potential for joy happiness and comfort you’re longing for.

It’s painful to want something you can’t have. It’s painful to have something you don’t want. Choosing to accept what you have is empowering.

When you choose to accept what you have, and what is present, you energetically free yourself from the old reality. When you open a window to light and hope, you open yourself to transformation and healing.

This doesn’t mean you’re no longer love them any less, or that the forgotten. It simply is a way of expressing self-love and self-care and self-appreciation, for you’re still being here, and the time you have left to create more.

In your current emotional pain, it may be more difficult for you to know what first steps to take, or where to turn to help shift your energy in a more positive direction for potential, love, joy, comfort, and peace once more.

Energetic healing such as Theta Healing can allow you to very quickly shift and heal unresolved painful emotions from the past. It could help you to clear any regrets, guilt, and remorse you might feel over choices or decisions you made.

In one session old feelings are resolved and healed and new understandings and feelings are brought in, to bring peace and comfort and a sense of well-being.

This type of healing is the first step necessary to restore you, and your ability to move forward. It will give you a fresh, optimistic, healthier, happier perspective.

You keep all your beautiful memories, and connect with those who have passed over with appreciation, love, and gratitude for who they were to you, and always will be to you.

Schedule your first Theta Healing session and Discover so quickly and easily life can make a positive turn.

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