Here are 4 major points to take home for Men on Greater Success with Dating Sites

  1. Having a great photo


  • Smile, fella it makes you look more available, attractive and inviting. Most people look better when they smile.


  • Take your arm off that girl next to you! No other girls in your photo! Bring your daughters in on a separate photo. Would you bring your daughter with you on your first date this is your first meeting with your prospective date? Whoever she is, even beloved Mom and your precious grandchildren., does not belong in your photo. It is hurting your odds.


  • Take off your sunglasses and your baseball cap You might think it makes you look better, but it does not, if you are a grown-up man.. Many women are attracted to bald-headed men, more than older grown men with a baseball cap. With your cap and sunglasses on, how are we supposed to see you? Muscle T-shirts and half-dressed photos whoa!  You’re really jumping ahead! It’s a big turn off for most women. You want to build trust, so you have to quit hiding, who you are inside.


  • For most women looking to fall in love, photos of your family and pets may not be your strongest selling point.  Let them know YOU and like you first, before introducing the entire family.


  • Girls like it clean. Are you attracted to sloppy looking women? Are you attracted to photos of women with dirty stringy hair, or clothing so tight their bulging out of them? Do you like women to be nicely put together? Well, we feel the same about you. Give some thought to what you’re wearing. If you need help ask someone!


  • Don’t stand back that we can barely see your face If you take the photo from afar we wonder what you are hiding.


  • Don’t stand so close that you showcasing your the inside of the nose. Make it a fairly recent photo and accurate. When she meets you she will not be happy.



  1. Have a great bio


  • Give her a chance to get to know you before you introduce 11 children and five grandchildren.


  • If you bored she’s probably going to agree with you.. you’re boring.


  • Same thing the desperation, if you’re looking for someone to complete you, or make you a happy person, she will run the other way.


  • If you’re looking for a hot babe 20 years younger than you, what is bringing to the table? Have you looked at yourself in the mirror lately?


Don’t be too brief in your descriptions. you may know what you’re thinking or feeling, but

she may not be psychic or be able to read between the lines e.g. Instead of I like country

music, I like Willie Nelson  & Faith Hill.



  1. Contacting her for the first time


  • Friendliness goes farther than sarcasm.


  • Be inquisitive, show you’re interested.


  • It’s still not time to introduce her to your family or exes.


  • Take the time to make sure you spell well, so she knows you’re literate.


  • Do not be too quick to judge her! if you were sitting next to her, and just happened to start talking to her you might find her more attractive. The attraction is about more than looks. No one stays young and beautiful forever. Even John Rivers decided it was just too much work to keep her and opted out.


  • Listen to her and what she’s saying also listen to what she’s not saying.


  • Sexual innuendos before you know her, are out of line, insensitive and a definite turn off.


  • Talking about your past relationships does not impress her, focusing on her does!



  1. Are you interested enough to take a chance and get to know her better? Let her know!


  • Ask her out… on the phone. This way you can listen to her response. Don’t just listen to her words. When she is speaking see how you feel as you listen and hear her response. She may be saying yes but feeling no!


  • Check with her to see where “she” would like to meet. You can give her some ideas or choices.


  • Keep it casual coffee tea to drink for lunch.


  • Let her know you’re looking forward to meeting her.



By now you may have the date! How will you do on your date, has more to do with than simply outer appearances? You can be all shiny and bright on the outside, and be full of fear and doubt and unworthiness on the inside. If this is the case, it won’t take your date long to feel and see this, as it is hard to hide. So, you may get the date with the woman, but even if you did you’re still feeling unworthy and untrusting of this wonderful thing happening. This usually creates a feeling or need to put up barriers and pretenses, and definitely prevents intimacy and closeness.


If you are aware of the inner issues that have plagued you in the past, you need to worry no more. Working with an experienced certified ThetaHealing practitioner can shift unworthiness and low self-esteem very quickly. There’s not a whole lot that’s attractive about low self-esteem or low self-worth. Experience a quick positive change in how you perceive yourself, and how you feel about yourself now!!

Heal Beyond Belief


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