In this article, we’ll demonstrate “How to end a toxic relationship“.

Ending a toxic relationship is usually not easy for a person to do. That relationship served a particular purpose or purposes for you. There were certain benefits you were getting from that relationship or you would never have stayed in it.

It’s important for someone in a toxic relationship to take a close look at a few things. Firstly to look at and identify those things they like about the relationship and that person. Was it their great personality, their great looks? Maybe they make you laugh or maybe you admire their creative ability? There may be many things you value about them and being with them.

Those things that you love about them and appreciate maybe things which your Soul is wanting to learn or express. Maybe they gave you appreciation you never had before. Perhaps, their creativity inspired you. It could be that they’re a very kind loving person, perhaps more loving than you see yourself?

Your soul Is always guiding you in the direction of learning and healing. Any and every experience you have, you have created, for this very reason. Each relationship and experience provides you endless learning opportunities which have the potential to heal and empower. you, and make you a better, stronger and happier person.

How to end a toxic relationship can be done with the right strategy

The difficulty of being in a toxic relationship is the codependency that exists between you and your partner. Often these relationships are created out of your inner feelings of inadequacy or lack. This causes you to seek a partner who can provide you those things, to fill the holes and gaps you feel inside.

The problem with this is, your partner is coming to you for the same reasons, creating an extremely needy and dependent relationship. When you or your partner are getting the things you want in the relationship it is a happy peaceful one. However, when either one of you is not having your needs met, it creates great pain and anguish, since you have been depending upon your partner to provide you with those feelings.

When your partner is unable to, for personal reasons, give you those things you need, because they are feeling too needy themself, it leaves you feeling unsafe, unappreciated, and unloved.
When this happens it’s frightening, leaving did you feel betrayed, angry, resentful and alone.

This often stimulates the need to retaliate and to hurt your partner, who you feel has betrayed and hurt you. Possibly, you turn to them to get even. It’s a feeble attempt to teach them a lesson and feel better about yourself. It’s a continual painful cycle of unfulfilling events in a toxic relationship. Staying in a relationship like this is an endless cycle of giving and receiving payment and debilitating to both people involved.

How to end a toxic relationship with self esteem and self worth

Both parties in a relationship like this have deep wounds within, causing them to have lack of trust, low self esteem and and low self worth. These are the feelings which need healing within. These painful experiences and feelings need to be healed, and self worth, self esteem and trust need to be created within the individuals. Only then will they be able to participate in, and create a healthy, positive and nurturing relationship.

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