The feeling of loneliness goes so deep so you may want to know “How to end a feeling of loneliness“?  It’s an empty feeling deep within your Soul. It feels like a hole which needs to be filled. It’s fascinating because you can be in a world with billions of people, a room with hundreds of people, or you can be in an intimate setting with 10 people, or with someone you’re close to and still feel that hole in your Soul, the empty feeling of loneliness. You might have good job with lot of friendly coworkers, and family that loves you and still feel the pain of loneliness. Loneliness is a haunting feeling which lingers on and on.


Usually when you feel lonely you also share a sense of emptiness inside. You may also experience the feeling of being without purpose. The feeling of loneliness makes you feel as if nothing matters and that you don’t matter.


Ultimately the feeling of loneliness comes from the feeling of being disconnected. You’re not feeling truly connected with yourself, with your friends, with your family and most Importantly with your Creator. It’s actually ironic because there is no way you can be disconnected from your Creator. You are a part of your Creator.


What the pain is actually coming from is your having forgotten this connection you have with Creator. This brings a sense of purposelessness, an emptiness where nothing makes sense or matters. You don’t feel important at all and therefore nothing you do seems important or meaningful, leaving you with this big hole and empty feeling in your Soul.


Your soul is always connected to Creator, and is simply patiently waiting for you to remember the connection. You’re soul most likely has had many many lifetimes experiencing many diversions and experiences, which may have even caused you pain, anger, and distrust of Creator. You may have thought you were let down by Creator many times in the past. This may have caused you to feel and believe Creator doesn’t love you, doesn’t care about you, and perhaps you came to believe there is no Creator.

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So there you are now, feeling empty, in pain, all alone, Cut off from everyone and everything. However, it is you who have done the cutting off. It is you who have done the forgetting. It is you who have judged and blamed Creator for the things that of happened to you and your life, or the things which have not happened like you planned or hoped for. The easier path is to blame someone else, like Creator.


The truth is you are and always have been and always will be fully connected to Creator… This makes you the co-Creator of what has happened in your life, or what hasn’t happened as you hoped for. It’s the bad news if you would rather blame Creator. However, it’s good news if you wish to be awakened and empowered by the truth. You created the current situation you’re in, therefore you also have the power and ability to re-create it. Realizing this is the first and biggest step you take in your evolution.


Once you have realized that you are co-creating your experience here on earth including, the pain and suffering and loneliness, you are that much closer to being able to shift and change it.

It’s different than taking a pill, which often doesn’t really work, and also has negative side effects.


So here you are, awakened to the fact that the state you’re in is your own creation. I’m not saying it was intentional by any means. Nonetheless, here you are. The good news you have discovered nobody did this to you. You did it to yourself and now you can undo it. This leads you to how to undo the situation of loneliness.


Having someone who has experience, and is already consciously connected with, and awakened, to their own connection with our Creator, can be most beneficial in expediting and speeding up the healing process.


ThetaHealing is a remarkably powerful, quick way to heal the wounds and disappointments you have encompassed perhaps for many lifetimes, or have been passed on from your ancestors.


ThetaHealing can help you on your journey to healing and empowerment. You are able to witness immediate change in how you perceive yourself and the life that you want to create. Call to schedule your first session and results today!

Heal Beyond Belief

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