Kara is an excellent teacher and healer.

Most recently I received a download to protect me from the COVID 19 virus. Her connection to Creator was strong and when the download came thru my crown chakra, it was powerful.

My body was filled with new and protective energy. Though I am following the directives of sheltering and social distancing, I know I am protected and safe. Thank you, Kara and Creator, for your love!

Cher D.

Recently my wife asked me if I’d accept a download from Kara that would protect me from the COVID 19 virus. I agreed not knowing what to expect but, hey!

Kara has a gentle but powerful way of working with the Creator. After the download, I wasn’t sure what came thru, but with the days that followed, my awareness of being protected has grown and grown. I feel like I have armor surrounding me as I go about my day and nothing can penetrate it.

Alan A.


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What is Coronavirus?

The coronavirus is not the powerful monster It appears to be as seen in the public eye.  The coronavirus is created by man.  It was created by men who feel weak, afraid, unsafe and disempowered.  By all appearances, these very men, appear to be the most powerful.  It was created by men who felt out of control and used this as a means to gain control, power, protection, and strength.

When you act out of fear you create fear. Fear creates fear. Love creates love. The coronavirus was created out of fear and it has created much fear.  The Coronavirus is attracted to that same fear in humans. It is attracted to those that feel vulnerable afraid and weak.

Do not be fooled by appearances.  Do not be fooled by what you see with your physical eye.  Look beyond your physical vision and see what is truly happening.  See with your heart see-through Our Creator’s vision of coronavirus. It is weak and powerless like a toy robot controlled by weak and powerless men.

The only power it has is the power over those who feel afraid, vulnerable and weak.  Like attracts like.  This is the time to connect with your true source your true power your connection to the creator. This coronavirus is not outside of the Creator because nothing is outside of the Creator.  This does not mean the creator created it.  Man created it. Creator has the power, and knowledge and love to prevent, protect and heal those who are vulnerable. People are vulnerable through their fear and feelings of weakness.

This is the time to connect with the creator who is our source of all that is. This is how we connect with the truth. This is the time to turn to Creator for guidance, love, support, encouragement and to tap into our own to power to heal.

“What is coronavirus?”

Corona Virus is “nothing” It is only what you believe it to be.
Corona Virus is nothing.

If this is difficult for you to feel or comprehend it may be fears and blockages within you, possibly being held on to on many different levels which you are completely unaware of.   A skilled Healer, like myself, can work with you to quickly remove those fears and blocks that are preventing you from knowing the truth.   God’s truth will ultimately heal and protect you from anything including a robotic little Coronravirus that is simply nothing in God’s eyes.

With blessings from creator to all of you with love from the deepest place in my heart.



*If you believe you may have coronavirus see your doctor first! *