Are You Afraid of Losing The One You Love?

Could there be anything in the world more painful than afraid of losing the one you love dearly? Humans can handle their own physical pain and suffering easier than the pain of losing someone they love.
The fear of losing the one you love can actually block you loving them. It can prevent you from opening your heart fully to them.
Some people who fear to lose the one they love become very controlling, hoping this will keep the one the one they love close to them when in actuality, it only pushes them away. Some people when they’re afraid of losing the one they love will pretend not to care and act indifferent and cool or aloof, as if they didn’t care, which hurts the one I love.
There are many protective device ways to act to pretend to yourself, and your loved you’re ok, and to make yourself feel safe and protected from the pain of losing someone you love.
People will do almost anything to protect their heart from the heartbreak and pain of losing the one they love the most. The pain of losing the one you love is a crushing pain and can feel devastating.
There is someone in your life that you have grown so close, and become emotionally or physically financially dependent, even your pet, The loss of the comfort and support and companionship they gave you is a huge loss.
How do you cope with such excruciating pain of afraid of losing the one you love? Some people believe that time heals. In actuality, there is no such thing as time. There is only the present moment each present moment. Each present moment has the potential for healing and healing energy, to help you heal the wounded feeling in your heart.
This is where working with the update to healing practitioner and our Creator in a ThetaHealing session can immediately energetically bring comfort, a sense of connection, healing, love, and peace, to replenish the feelings of loss.
In just a single session you feel the shift and sense of wholeness again.
Call now and your session!
Kara Lange

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