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Emerge into your Most Magnificent Self!

Do you have unanswered questions?
Do you lack confidence, self-esteem and Self worth?
Are you experiencing difficulty making a big decision?
Are you having a hard time letting go of a bad relationship?
Are you wanting a relationship, but don’t know why it Isn’t happening?
Do bad things keep happening to you over and over?
Do you keep settling for less than what you want?
Do you feel that there are entities or energies around you,
or in your home making you feel unsafe?

Whatever it is you’re a grappling with, I will lovingly assist you in removing
the blockage and creating whatever it is you want and desire

A Recent Testimonial From A Client

“Kara, you are my “medicine man”. I have classic burnout, anxiety, hopelessness, weight gain, no sleep. I seemed to be getting sick often. I stopped my writing or caring about having a social life. I have withdrawn from life, putting life on hold, while time quickly passes me by. As I take care of my mother and father, watching them drift into childhood and beyond, I forget what it is to laugh or smile with true joy. My arms and hands have of late become numb; no, more like having peripheral neuropathy in. You worked with me recently on letting Hashem, our Creator, heal me. I haven’t had that problem since our session.”
Heal Beyond Belief
Every physical, emotional and spiritual malady has its source, and when original source is found, mind, body and spirit can be healed.
Teresa White
Call/Text: (215) 758-1079
$300.00 = One hour phone session and day of healing.

Take your life in your own hands and change your destiny. This is an effective alternative to taking a lifetime to reach the pinnacle of achievement spiritually.

Pet Healing – Reading

We work together with you and your pet to bring them optimum healing, whether it be a dog, cat, or any species.
Pets are little healers. They come with open hearts and unlimited love for their owners. Pet’s love and care so much, they unknowingly take on the feelings of their owners, similar to what humans do.
Unfortunately, they accumulate negative emotions and feelings that are not theirs, and because they do not know how to process or release it, this can result in illness and disease.
Feel free to reach out to one or both of us as we work together with animals remotely. Our session price includes our combined assistance.
$300.00 per Session
Kara Lange (773) 895-6365 Call or Text only.
Teresa White (215) 758-1079 Call, Text, or email:


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Dear Kara

I sincerely want to thank you so much for all your help/therapy. After just a few sessions with you I have a new lease on my sexual life. As of now, I am able to forego the erectile dysfunction medications. I owe that all to you and your caring assistance. Your help has been priceless. You are amazing.


Umesh The Artist
Umesh The Artist

You single handedly become ALL being and light, you grabbed my being and rerouted me, so motherly and fatherly at the same time, and instantly changed my future forever, in the most miraculous way!

Thank you for being in my life!

Calley S.
Calley S.

One of my dogs, Sam, has epilepsy. I communicate with animals and have been working with my dogs, but for some reason, Sam with epilepsy keeps refusing to accept the healing. In fact, he told me he wants to go. I have been trying to change his mind.

He will not tell me why so I asked Kara to see if she can find out what is going on with him.

Sam was very comfortable with Kara and she found out he is sad picking up on feelings from me. He was concerned about me breaking up with my partner.

He was afraid he would not be provided for, taken care of and would not see us again. Kara cleared these fears from Sam and replaced it with love, confidence and the assurance that he will be provided for, cared for, loved and will see us again. Sam told me Kara is beautiful and I said that I know, she is my friend, then he replied, she is my friend too.

Kara told me after the session that some changes needed to happen, to heal and occur within me so Sam can heal.

I had a major personal breakthrough with Kara today in our session. I first hired Kara to work with me more than two years ago. I feel as if I have traveled thousands of miles since then after several sessions, follow up sessions and her teaching guidance.

Kara has a way of getting to the core of any problem. She seems to always know what questions to ask. Pain, trauma, limiting beliefs all cleared, changed and replaced with love, light and supportive beliefs. I have learned and cleared so much with Kara and today it was like everything came together, the big picture, the issue that has in a sense has held me, prisoner, most of my life.

Kara helped me find the key that just opened the door to my life here on earth. I feel great, filled with hope and optimism for my future. I had fun today with my partner while we talked and laughed. We have been drifting apart and today I felt connected with him for the first time in years. My sweet dog was playful and said he is thinking about staying!

Thank-you Kara, words are small compared to the immense gratitude I feel.



My session was completely amazing! It opened windows and doors for opportunities I never imagined. It’s been a positive game changer in more areas of my life than I can describe. I can’t wait to work with you again!

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