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Do you have unanswered questions?

Do you lack confidence, self-esteem and Self worth?

Are you experiencing difficulty making a big decision?

Are you having a hard time letting go of a bad relationship?

Are you wanting a relationship, but don’t know why it Isn’t happening?

Do bad things keep happening to you over and over?

Do you keep settling for less than what you want?

Do you feel that there are entities or energies around you,
or in your home making you feel unsafe?

Whatever it is you’re a grappling with, I will lovingly assist you in removing
the blockage and creating whatever it is you want and desire

A Recent Testimonial From A Client


My name is Anabelle, and my story started before I was even born. My mother was pregnant with me while her husband dumped her, and chased after his secretary.

It was only a few weeks before the due date, my mother found out he had an affair. She was very sad and upset beyond words. She was all alone in this world, and my father was the only family she had. She felt completely abandoned and terrified.

While pregnant with me she searched all over town for him. She needed him to be nearby, in case she had to go into labor. Well luckily, a neighbor knew of this ordeal, and they offered help to her. 

The day I was born my father wasn’t there, and up until I was 13 years old I only saw him briefly for short visits and holidays. He died when I was 13th. I grew up without a father, was raised by my grandmother (my father’s mother)

To the outside world, this probably isn’t something too special. I was pretty happy growing up, and my grandmother loved and cared for me as much as she could.

I did not realize being abandoned by my father could have a tremendously adverse effect in my life, as it did.
In my 30’s everything was fine work-wise, but in a relationship, I started to see some patterns emerging. Nobody was good enough for me. I also had this insane jealousy whenever my lover came into contact with any female. I would immediately cut off the relationship, and run away from my fear and discomfort.

When I met my soul mate, the same thing happened. During our six months together, I ran away from him six times. Each time this wonderful man endured tremendous grievances and abandonment from me to the point where he could not handle it anymore. He decided to leave me for good.

At this time I talked to Kara about it and decided to have four sessions with her. She helped me instantly, the very first session. I felt whole again, I could not believe it! The insecurity was gone. Though my lover left me, I did not feel too much remorse. I was sad but not heartbroken like before. 

I also noticed I was totally at peace when he was out to dinner dates with other female friends. I now trust him.

Words could not describe the freedom this gave me. Imagine you are no longer tortured by jealousies at anyone, without just cause.

My self-worth and self-esteem skyrocketed along with this work from Kara. I am no longer allowing people to take me for granted or mistreat me. I also am no longer allowing any form of abuse from anyone. My money making ventures are fantastic, and money has begun to come in on schedule. 

heal beyond belief
In short,

I am totally at peace with myself and with the people in my life. I can enjoy our relationship with ease and love. I do cry now and again remembering what I did to my beautiful soulmate. I will never do it to him or anyone else again.

I am not sure at this point whether our relationship can be salvaged, after so much abuse due to my insecurities. However, I have faith that no matter what I’ve done, Because in his fantastic way he forced me to find Kara and get help from her.

I want to tell you this – please find ways to pay for your sessions with her. You deserve to have a happy love life and rewarding relationship, and your significant others deserve it too. Don’t let your childhood problems ruin your life.



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Dear Kara

I sincerely want to thank you so much for all your help/therapy. After just a few sessions with you I have a new lease on my sexual life. As of now, I am able to forego the erectile dysfunction medications. I owe that all to you and your caring assistance. Your help has been priceless. You are amazing.


Umesh The Artist
Umesh The Artist

You single handedly become ALL being and light, you grabbed my being and rerouted me, so motherly and fatherly at the same time, and instantly changed my future forever, in the most miraculous way!

Thank you for being in my life!

Susanne R.
Susanne R.

Kara’s clarity, intuition and listening talent is awesome! Through her skill in guiding healing sessions with kindness and clarity, I have gone very deep quickly to get to the root cause of issues to transform them within a single session. As a result of the sessions, I have experienced miracles and healing in my finances, career, relationships, and Self awareness, love, and appreciation. For years, I have benefited greatly from healing sessions facilitated by Kara. I feel SAFE, loved, and supported. After the sessions, I see positive changes in my life and the forget about the past issue because it is no longer my experience. Kara stays totally focused on the client and works very quickly to assist in clearing the issues at the root causes.

I highly recommend healing sessions with Kara to transform limiting beliefs into empowerment and freedom.

Charles A.
Charles A.

She is done fantastic job in helping me getting rid of dark spirits and entities.

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